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Seattle Regretting Minimum Wage for Delivery App Drivers
Backlash from consumers, restaurant owners, and drivers prompts reconsideration
Adam B. Summers | May 3, 2024
Economic Liberty Alleviates Poverty Better Than Any Government Program
This age of relatively free enterprise and global trade has resulted in an unprecedented reduction in poverty.
Adam B. Summers | December 28, 2019
Blackouts and Monopolies: Public Utilities in California
The lack of competition means there is significantly less incentive to invest in innovation, either in efficiency or safety.
Adam B. Summers | November 16, 2019
Thoughts on Housing Affordability and Homelessness in California
State and local governments should simply remove the obstacles they have put in place that have driven up land and construction prices so much.
Adam B. Summers | September 21, 2019
California’s High-Speed Rail Is the Very Definition of a Boondoggle
It is an apt description for a high-speed rail project that has been plagued from the start by fanciful assumptions and the inability to identify a funding source for the vast majority of the project.
Adam B. Summers | June 19, 2019
End Monopoly Protections to Fix PG&E and Other Utilities
What consumers really need is competition, not more politicization of the gas and electricity markets.
Adam B. Summers | May 29, 2019