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The Government is Causing a Credit Card Debt Crisis
The bill that ultimately comes due is going to be a big one
Brad Polumbo | September 22, 2022
Is California Going to Kill McDonald’s?
One Republican state lawmaker says that McDonald’s warned her that they may stop expanding in California or even abandon the Golden State entirely
Brad Polumbo | August 30, 2022
Alarming Inflation Undercuts Progressive ‘Greedflation’ Narrative
Companies haven’t jacked up prices to even fully match the increase in their costs, let alone exceed them
Brad Polumbo | June 28, 2022
‘What He Said Was Triggering’: Dave Chappelle Attacker Explains His Motivations
Waging war on the expression of ideas inevitably leads to waging war on people
Brad Polumbo | June 2, 2022
Brad Polumbo | April 4, 2022
Pope Francis Wrong About Corporate ‘Greed,’ and Inflation
With such a massive platform, the pope has an obligation to better inform himself before wading into economics affairs
Brad Polumbo | October 20, 2021
Economist Explains Problem With Minting $1 Trillion
Here's why the fantastical notion of a trillion-dollar coin appearing out of thin air to pay the bills is so appealing—and perilous
Brad Polumbo | October 6, 2021
San Francisco Mayor Breaking Own Mask Mandate
Mayor London Breed was just exposed—and she’s not sorry
Brad Polumbo | September 22, 2021
More Businesses Have Fled California This Year in 2020
California has regulated and taxed its once-thriving economy into a coma
Brad Polumbo | September 8, 2021
What States Leading Economic Recovery Have in Common
The 10 best and worst states paint a clear picture
Brad Polumbo | August 26, 2021
The CDC Just Proved Milton Friedman Right (Again!)
The agency's 'temporary' eviction moratorium is a ticking time bomb that's getting bigger with every delay.
Brad Polumbo | August 10, 2021
Anti-Cryptocurrency Congressman Funded by Big Banks
Guess how much money the American Bankers Association gave him
Brad Polumbo | July 15, 2021