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Iowa, Oregon Diverge On Gun Policy 
In today's political landscape, this should surprise no one.  
Brady Leonard | December 6, 2022
Calling a Recession a Recession
We are in an era of political gaslighting
Brady Leonard | September 6, 2022
Constitutional Carry Saves Lives
'Good Samaritan' Elisjsha Dicken eliminated a mass shooter, and the mainstream media's gun control narrative
Brady Leonard | July 29, 2022
First Time Gun Ownership Continues To Soar
Who is buying all of the guns? The answer might surprise gun control activists...
Brady Leonard | July 21, 2022
The Politics of Gas
Gas prices mattered in the 2008 recession, and will matter in November
Brady Leonard | June 28, 2022
Elon Musk Buys Twitter
So what comes next?
Brady Leonard | May 10, 2022
The Truth About Florida’s Parental Rights Law
Parental Rights in Education is less controversial than you may think
Brady Leonard | April 14, 2022
Interstate Immigration and the California Exodus
The opportunities elsewhere continue to draw the movers and shakers out of the Golden State
Brady Leonard | January 13, 2022
Corporate Media’s New Strategy: Blame The Media!
Journalists blame themselves for Biden's sagging approval rating 
Brady Leonard | December 14, 2021
Virginian Parents: It’s The Children, Stupid
Virginians vote to protect their kids, not just their bank accounts.
Brady Leonard | December 8, 2021