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Ben Wilterdink is a Research Fellow and former Editor-in-Chief of Catalyst at the Independent Institute.
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COVID-19 Is Disrupting the Future of Higher Education
COVID-19 has catalyzed the mainstreaming of alternatives to a traditional college education
Ben Wilterdink | August 14, 2020
How Rent Control Threatens the American Dream
There is a very real shortage of affordable housing across America’s most dynamic areas, but rent control is an ineffective solution to this problem.
Ben Wilterdink | October 7, 2019
Playing Fast and Loose with the Economic Facts
Many of the most popular tropes are based on findings that are misleading at best and outright false at worst.
Ben Wilterdink | June 29, 2019
Let Kids Be Kids Again
Their Future Depends on It
Ben Wilterdink | May 4, 2019
More States Consider Protecting Parents Who Give Kids the Chance to Grow
Given what we now know about mental health risks among young adults and the importance of developing soft skills, it is clear that overprotecting kids today has real costs for their future.
Ben Wilterdink | February 26, 2019
Let’s Take a Break (From Gov)
When it comes to relationships riddled with debt issues, extreme micromanagement of choices, and crazy spying, nothing comes close to our relationship with government.
Ben Wilterdink | February 14, 2019
A Bitter Tax to Swallow
A Sin Tax Takes its Toll in Philadelphia
Ben Wilterdink | January 8, 2019
Give In to the Cliché
Be Thankful at Thanksgiving
Ben Wilterdink | November 22, 2018
Is Gov Paranoid?
Spying for Your Protection
Ben Wilterdink | October 23, 2018
A License to Kill Jobs
Do You Have a Permit for That?
Ben Wilterdink | October 19, 2018
If Rent Control is Like Winning the Lottery, Who Buys the Losing Tickets?
Ben Wilterdink | October 10, 2018
Not Your Parents’ Cops
Are Neighborhood Police Officers Being Replaced?
Ben Wilterdink | October 8, 2018