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Conor Norris is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and a Research Analyst with the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation (CSOR) at Saint Francis University. His areas of interest include occupational licensing and health care scope of practice laws, monetary policy, and long-run growth. Conor is an alumnus of the Mercatus Center MA Fellowship at George Mason University, where he received his MA in economics in 2018. He interned at the Cato Institute in 2017 in the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives. He loves reading good history books and bad puns and is still bitter that the Star Wars expanded universe is no longer cannon. Conor grew up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and after spending two years in Arlington, Virginia, he now lives in Altoona, PA.
Biosecurity Laws Are Not the Answer To Living With COVID
Removing restrictions on the supply of healthcare, not adding restrictions on life is the answer
Conor Norris | January 25, 2022
Why Europe Has At-home Tests And the US Doesn’t
Rather than a market failure, our at-home testing shortage is another government failure
Conor Norris | November 18, 2021
California COVID-19 Policies Are Still Hurting Students
Students should have been the first group of Americans allowed to return to regular behavior, so why are restrictions still in place?
Conor Norris | July 6, 2021
What has COVID-19 Really Changed?
South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to think there are some things that are never coming back
Conor Norris | May 20, 2021
Getting Conned by COVID-19 CON Laws
How Iowa prevented a hospital from expanding... during a pandemic
Conor Norris | March 1, 2021
FDA Slow Walks COVID-19 Vaccine
Bureaucratic delays are costing us more lives
Conor Norris | February 2, 2021
The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Is a Mess
Centrally planed coronavirus vaccine distribution is our worst option
Conor Norris | January 24, 2021
Congress Should Not Have Passed Another Stimulus
Why the second COVID-19 stimulus package will likely be harmful in the long run
Conor Norris | December 24, 2020
San Francisco Loosens Restrictions on Dating
San Francisco residents can date again, but still can’t kiss
Conor Norris | December 17, 2020
FDA Delays COVID Vaccine Review
Bureaucratic delays prevent Americans from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine
Conor Norris | December 8, 2020
Misperceptions of COVID Risk and the Media
How consuming media has made us misinformed
Conor Norris | November 2, 2020
Bipartisan Support for Licensing Reform
No matter who is elected in 2020, licensing reform will win
Conor Norris | November 2, 2020