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Conor Norris Conor Norris is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and a Research Analyst with the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation (CSOR) at Saint Francis University. His areas of interest include occupational licensing and health care scope of practice laws, monetary policy, and long-run growth. Conor is an alumnus of the Mercatus Center MA Fellowship at George Mason University, where he received his MA in economics in 2018. He interned at the Cato Institute in 2017 in the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives. He loves reading good history books and bad puns and is still bitter that the Star Wars expanded universe is no longer cannon. Conor grew up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and after spending two years in Arlington, Virginia, he now lives in Altoona, PA.
Universal Licensing Reciprocity Helps Moving Americans
How state-by-state licensure makes moving harder than it has to be
Conor Norris | May 13, 2020
There’s a Wrong Way to React to a Drug Shortage—and a Right Way
Expanding bureaucratic control of the drug market which will only put us in a worse position in future crises.
Conor Norris | February 28, 2020
Coping with the Coronavirus Requires Freeing Healthcare Providers
Coronavirus has the potential to expose the serious problems with the US healthcare system.
Conor Norris | February 28, 2020
Star Wars Bureaucracy
The Jedi Order of the prequels provides a great example of some of the shortcomings of bureaucracy.
Conor Norris | February 14, 2020
The Emerging New Face of Affordable Health Care
There is relatively little Washington can do to reduce costs without triggering other ill effects.
Conor Norris | December 2, 2019
What South Park Gets Right About Government Regulation
One storyline provides an excellent explanation of how the regulatory process often works in the real world.
Conor Norris | November 25, 2019
Walmart Disrupts Healthcare
Walmart’s innovation is to clearly list and compete on prices, something currently missing from the healthcare industry in America.
Conor Norris | October 3, 2019
Lunacy on Loans and Licensing
Revoking the license of professionals who default on student loans only makes it more difficult to repay them.
Conor Norris | September 10, 2019
Let Veterans Work
Don’t Let Licensing Rules Hold Back Our Veterans
Conor Norris | August 19, 2019
Locked Out of Job Opportunities
Too often, occupational licensing laws are used to ban all former convicts from the ability to legally participate in the licensed occupation.
Conor Norris | July 25, 2019