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Nick Zaiac Nick Zaiac is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and a Fellow in Commercial Freedom at the R Street Institute where his portfolio includes housing, postal and transportation issues. He holds a master's degree in economics from George Mason University. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Ali.
California Abolished Single-Family Zoning (And How Your State Can Too)
Accessory dwelling units are one of the cheapest, least politically fraught types of new housing, but they’ve faced local bans for decades.
Nick Zaiac | December 30, 2019
The Postal Service Goes Urbanist: How New Mailbox Regulations Encourage Density
The postal service is one of many groups that has an implicit say in how new homes are built.
Nick Zaiac | November 8, 2019
Zoning for the Future of Automotive Fueling
As the future of vehicle fueling evolves, laws must change to accommodate adapting to a new market.
Nick Zaiac | October 4, 2019
Bernie’s Housing Proposal Takes Supply Constraints Seriously (But Rent Control Is Still Bad)
The senator’s proposal makes clear that fixing housing in America will require ending exclusionary and restrictive zoning.
Nick Zaiac | September 30, 2019
Why Nothing is Near Your Office
How Land Use Rules Make Life Inconvenient
The legal separation of land uses makes life inconvenient, paid for in long drives and errands that never get done.
Nick Zaiac | September 16, 2019
A Daycare in Every Neighborhood
Loosening Childcare Laws Could Make the Dream a Reality
Working families pay the price when we set needlessly high standards for who may care for children and narrow limits for where they may do so.
Nick Zaiac | August 21, 2019
Let Us Have Lemonade
Legalizing Home-based Businesses to Make the Most of Summer
Homeowners who want to sell something to their neighbors face a gauntlet of laws, permits, and inspections that sap the will and wallets of would-be entrepreneurs.
Nick Zaiac | July 24, 2019
So the President Has a Housing Task Force, but What Can the Feds Really Do?
Even though state and local governments will always play the central role in housing policy, the executive branch does have tools at its disposal.
Nick Zaiac | July 12, 2019
No Home When You Get Out
Zoning Reform for the Formerly Incarcerated
To ensure there are enough low-cost units on the market to house the formerly incarcerated as they return to their communities, towns and cities need to permit construction of low-cost housing typologies.
Nick Zaiac | June 21, 2019
Upzoning the Ellis Island of the South
NIMBYism can be hard to understand until you see it play out in community meetings and zoning board or utility commission hearings.
Nick Zaiac | June 10, 2019