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Paige Lambermont is a Catalyst Policy Fellow and Policy Associate at the Institute for Energy Research. In her role, she writes about the impacts of government policy on energy markets. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from American University and is from Butler, Pennsylvania.
Japan is Ready to Address the Energy Crisis
Japan’s nuclear reactor’s may be restarting sooner than expected
Paige Lambermont | September 6, 2022
Germany Needs to Keep Nuclear Power
The country’s last three units could be of great help during the country’s energy crisis
Paige Lambermont | August 17, 2022
SpaceX Starship Stays on Track for Mars
But Permitting Hurdles Still Merit Questioning 
Paige Lambermont | July 5, 2022
New York Was Wrong to Close the Indian Point Plant
One year after the power plants closure, the results are clear
Paige Lambermont | June 20, 2022
Where Russian Sanctions Stand
What countries are sanctioning Russia, and how effective are those sanctions?
Paige Lambermont | May 2, 2022
Why Are Gas Prices So High?
The underlying faults in our energy infrastructure are beginning to show
Paige Lambermont | April 4, 2022
German Aid to Ukraine Signals a Shift in its Energy Outlook
Despite its reliance on Russian fossil fuels, Germany has decided to pursue a more energy independent future
Paige Lambermont | March 17, 2022
Macron Signals France Will Sustain Nuclear Power
Nuclear energy reassuming its roll as the linchpin of energy independence in France
Paige Lambermont | March 3, 2022
West Virginia is Ending its Nuclear Power Plant Ban
More straightforward legislation would help fix broken regulatory systems
Paige Lambermont | February 24, 2022
Germany Shutters More Reliable Nuclear Plants
The country's climate policies are divorced from it's goals
Paige Lambermont | January 28, 2022