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Paige Lambermont is a Research Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in the Center for Energy and Environment. She covers the electrical grid, energy regulation, nuclear power issues, and other free-market energy topics. Paige has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from American University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Idaho. She is also a Columnist Fellow at Catalyst.
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The State of Electricity Transmission
Net Zero Policies Would Require Major Transmission Expansion, But How Feasible is That?
Paige Lambermont | July 27, 2023
French Bill Accelerates Nuclear Construction and Removes Cap
Policies that involve phasing out nuclear seem to be losing favor 
Paige Lambermont | July 12, 2023
Finland’s New Reactor is Already Lowering Electricity Prices
It was over cost and plagued with delays, but Olkiluoto 3 is paying off 
Paige Lambermont | July 12, 2023
Illinois Set to Repeal Nuclear Ban
A reversal worth acknowledging, with 11 other states holding similar policies
Paige Lambermont | June 13, 2023
What’s New in Nuclear: Nuclear Energy Around the World
Announcing a new series on nuclear power policy at home and abroad
Paige Lambermont | June 9, 2023
The Final Death Knell of German Nuclear Power
The country just shuttered its final remaining nuclear power plants
Paige Lambermont | April 25, 2023
Relativity Space Put a 3D-Printed Rocket in Space
Private companies in the space industry are generating a lot of firsts, and Terran 1 shows interesting possibilities
Paige Lambermont | April 5, 2023
What the Environmental Quality Index says about Global Freedom
Where Energy is Produced Matters for Human Freedom and The Environment
Paige Lambermont | March 28, 2023
Paige Lambermont | February 21, 2023
Germany Slow On Nuclear as Winter Looms
Have they finally made a decision?
Paige Lambermont | November 7, 2022
Japan is Ready to Address the Energy Crisis
Japan’s nuclear reactor’s may be restarting sooner than expected
Paige Lambermont | September 6, 2022
Germany Needs to Keep Nuclear Power
The country’s last three units could be of great help during the country’s energy crisis
Paige Lambermont | August 17, 2022