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Peter Jacobsen | May 2, 2023
Why We Should Let Bad Banks Fail
Bad banks need consequences. Let them fail.
Peter Jacobsen | March 14, 2023
Did the Death of “Net Neutrality” Live Up to Doomsday Predictions?
What has been the fate of net neutrality's demise?
Peter Jacobsen | December 27, 2022
8 Bits of Political Brilliance in the Chronicles of Narnia
What Narnia can teach us about politics in our own world
Peter Jacobsen | December 1, 2022
Is Tenure Really Dying?
Is academic tenure in for major changes over the next decade?
Peter Jacobsen | September 22, 2022
Who Really Needs a Definition of Recession?
Not business or households. It really only serves one interest.
Peter Jacobsen | July 27, 2022
Is Having Children in 2021 ‘Environmental Vandalism’?
Concerns about population growth are nothing new. And a recent article in British Vogue is based on the same flawed assumptions
Peter Jacobsen | May 25, 2021