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Peter Jacobsen is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Ottawa University and the Gwartney Professor of Economic Education and Research at the Gwartney Institute.
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The Mouse Is Free: Steamboat Willie and Intellectual Property
Steamboat-era Mickey enters the public domain.
Peter Jacobsen | January 9, 2024
New IRS Change Will Push Some Entrepreneurs to Corporate Jobs
Why a higher late payment penalty will lead to less self-employment.
Peter Jacobsen | December 12, 2023
Why Population Won’t Collapse in the Long Run
Elon Musk says the number one threat to humanity is a population collapse. Is he right?
Peter Jacobsen | December 5, 2023
China Reverses Course on Population Planning
China's 180 is a condemnation of a century of central population policy.
Peter Jacobsen | November 14, 2023
Empire: A Review of Christopher Coyne’s ‘In Search of Monsters to Destroy’
The world cannot be made safe for freedom and flourishing by use of top down tyranny and destruction
Peter Jacobsen | July 12, 2023
Peter Jacobsen | May 2, 2023
Why We Should Let Bad Banks Fail
Bad banks need consequences. Let them fail.
Peter Jacobsen | March 14, 2023
Did the Death of “Net Neutrality” Live Up to Doomsday Predictions?
What has been the fate of net neutrality's demise?
Peter Jacobsen | December 27, 2022
8 Bits of Political Brilliance in the Chronicles of Narnia
What Narnia can teach us about politics in our own world
Peter Jacobsen | December 1, 2022
Is Tenure Really Dying?
Is academic tenure in for major changes over the next decade?
Peter Jacobsen | September 22, 2022
Who Really Needs a Definition of Recession?
Not business or households. It really only serves one interest.
Peter Jacobsen | July 27, 2022