Artificial Copper Demands Meet Artificial Bottlenecks
Net Zero's copper demands could be hard to meet.
Paige Lambermont | October 24, 2023
The Problem With the Power Plant Rule
In the Biden administration's headlong quest for all-electric, a new EPA rule ignores impact on grid reliability
Paige Lambermont | September 26, 2023
United Arab Emirates: A Pro-Immigrant Powerhouse
The UAE is “a nation of immigrants," and has become one of the world’s top economies
Scott Beyer | September 25, 2023
Announcing a Series on Critical Minerals and the Energy Transition
New Paper Examines the Importance of Domestic Mineral Production
Paige Lambermont | September 7, 2023
Governor Pritzker Vetoes Illinois Nuclear Ban Repeal
The fall veto session keeps the bill in play
Paige Lambermont | August 27, 2023
Japan’s Oldest Reactor Reaches Criticality Once Again
The country’s restarting of reactors shuttered in the wake of Fukushima is proceeding apace
Paige Lambermont | August 8, 2023
French Bill Accelerates Nuclear Construction and Removes Cap
Policies that involve phasing out nuclear seem to be losing favor
Paige Lambermont | July 12, 2023
Finland’s New Reactor is Already Lowering Electricity Prices
It was over cost and plagued with delays, but Olkiluoto 3 is paying off
Paige Lambermont | July 12, 2023
Illinois Set to Repeal Nuclear Ban
A reversal worth acknowledging, with 11 other states holding similar policies
Paige Lambermont | June 13, 2023