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Bernie’s Labor Pains: Three Takeaways
There are several lessons to be learned from Bernie Sanders' recent trouble with his unionized, and apparently underpaid, labor force.
Art Carden | August 16, 2019
If the Gig Economy Has Unintended Consequences, So Does Shutting It Down
Tech companies like Airbnb and Uber provide a living experience that was once inaccessible for all but the wealthiest.
Luka Ladan | August 14, 2019
Plastic Bans Are Symbolism Over Substance
The measure will do virtually nothing to reduce plastic waste in the ocean and it won’t “help the economy.”
Robert P. Murphy | August 13, 2019
Rising Red Ink Is a Good Sign… Except When Government is Doing the Spending
While consumer debt is rising, surging private red ink is actually a vote of confidence in an increasingly-bright future.
Ross Marchand | August 12, 2019
Don’t Feel Bad About Using the Self Checkout
You’re not spreading prosperity when you choose the labor-intensive option just because it’s labor intensive, you’re wasting resources.
Art Carden | August 10, 2019
Hong Kong: Where Political Autonomy Means Economic Freedom
Hong Kong Reflects Capitalism in Some Ways and Top-down Planning in Others, but its Autonomy from China Is Worth Defending.
Protesters are defending the ability for Hong Kong to maintain its economy and governance, which rests on a free-market urban blueprint.  
Scott Beyer | August 8, 2019
Should We Cap Credit Card Interest Rates at 15%?
Decency requires us to think through the intended and unintended consequences of the policies we are proposing.
Art Carden | August 7, 2019
A “Great Stagnation” for Bureaucrats
Even as President Trump leads a deregulatory drive, many downright-ludicrous bureaucratic actions proceed unchecked.
Ross Marchand | August 6, 2019
The Capitalist Achievement of Recorded Music
It’s worth stepping back and considering just what liberal, capitalist, "in-it-for-the-money," free market societies have done, and for whose benefit.
Art Carden | August 3, 2019
SpaceX Takes First Step into Telecommunication Companies’ Turf
The accomplishment serves as yet another example of technological advancements spurring competition in a free-market economy and benefiting consumers.
Anil Niraula | August 1, 2019