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Faux Globalism Benefits No One
Large reductions in pollution tend to happen as economic freedom increases and businesses invest in large-scale efficiency improvements.
Ross Marchand | October 5, 2019
Zoning for the Future of Automotive Fueling
As the future of vehicle fueling evolves, laws must change to accommodate adapting to a new market.
Nick Zaiac | October 4, 2019
Walmart Disrupts Healthcare
Walmart’s innovation is to clearly list and compete on prices, something currently missing from the healthcare industry in America.
Conor Norris | October 3, 2019
Market Urbanism: Towards a Free-Market Urban Form
A Nascent Movement Asks How Cities Would Function Without So Much Government Interference
Scott Beyer | October 2, 2019
Interdisciplinary Programs Improve STEM and Shape America’s Future
If we hope to position students for success in the workplace, STEM education alone is not enough.
Kristiana Bolzman | October 1, 2019
Bernie’s Housing Proposal Takes Supply Constraints Seriously (But Rent Control Is Still Bad)
The senator’s proposal makes clear that fixing housing in America will require ending exclusionary and restrictive zoning.
Nick Zaiac | September 30, 2019
The University of Texas Belatedly Helps Poor Kids
The UT Board of Regents has approved a plan reducing tuition to zero for all in-state undergraduate students from families making under $65,000 annually.
Richard Vedder | September 28, 2019
Banned Books and Banned Ideas
Celebrating the freedom to read is about preserving the opportunity to explore ideas and come to our own conclusions.
Nicole Garay | September 27, 2019
FDA Must Allow, Not Thwart, Genetic Testing Revolution
Rather than restricting lifesaving innovations, the FDA should greenlight genetic testing and allow the market to develop.
Ross Marchand | September 26, 2019
Book Review: ‘Order Without Design,’ by Alain Bertaud
An Urban Planner Describes the Flaws of His Profession.
Scott Beyer | September 25, 2019