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Census Figures Show Statistical Case For Building More Housing
Annual Home Permit Figures Convey That the More a Metro Builds, the Lower its Median Prices.
It’s time for expensive coastal metros like New York and San Francisco to start permitting more housing.
Scott Beyer | February 19, 2020
Harriet Breathes Life into Call for Liberty
The movie breathes long overdue life into Harriet Tubman’s heroic efforts to rescue her family and others from slavery.
Samuel R. Staley | February 18, 2020
Star Wars Bureaucracy
The Jedi Order of the prequels provides a great example of some of the shortcomings of bureaucracy.
Conor Norris | February 14, 2020
U.S. Cities Should Bring Back For-pay Toilets
They Were Banned Decades Ago In An Effort to Expand “Human Rights.” But Removing The Profit Motive Just Caused Scarcity.
Outlawing the profit motive for restroom provision just means there are fewer restrooms.
Scott Beyer | February 13, 2020
How Millennials Can Save Six-Figures (Yes, Cutting Out Coffee Helps)
Increasing your income, making sacrifices, and setting goals are perhaps the most common building blocks.
Luka Ladan | February 12, 2020
HSAs Can Save Millions of Smokers’ Lives – with the Right Rules
By leveling the tax playing field, the federal government can give millions of smokers a chance to save their lives.
Ross Marchand | February 6, 2020
The Misguided Green Virtue-Signaling of Solar Panel Mandates
Like Many Environmental Regulations, These Mandates for Housing Will Increase Costs Without Truly Helping the Environment.
Environmental regulations often appeal to people's airy notions of "sustainability," but don't really solve environmental problems. 
Scott Beyer | February 5, 2020
Democratic Socialism: Straight Talk about Twisted Facts
The term “socialism" meant/means something different to Marx, Lenin, and economists like us who seriously study economic systems.
Benjamin Powell | January 30, 2020
What Actually Caused Gentrification in Brooklyn?
By Imploring Transplants to “Go Back to Iowa”, Borough President Eric Adams Misidentifies Who’s Even Moving to The Borough.
Blaming transplants from Ohio and Iowa isn’t even accurate.
Scott Beyer | January 29, 2020
Are More Vaping Bans Coming Soon? Let’s Hope Not!
To truly “prioritize children, family, and the public health,” we should consider telling the FDA to stop regulating e-cigarettes cold turkey.
Raymond J. March | January 25, 2020