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14 Signs You Live Under a Totalitarian Government
Some of these techniques are playing out before our eyes
Jon Miltimore | December 13, 2022
Why Sam Bankman-Fried Sounded Like a Rand Villain
Sam Bankman-Fried, unlike James Taggart, is not an idiot. He knew his altruism was phony.
Jon Miltimore | November 24, 2022
Who Authorized the DHS to Police Online Speech?
Newly published documents obtained by the Intercept show the US government is actively shaping online discourse and policing speech. This invites a question: when did congress authorize that??
Jon Miltimore | November 15, 2022
History’s First Libertarian?
The Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou was articulating Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ two thousand years before 'The Wealth of Nations.'
Jon Miltimore | October 25, 2022
Price Controls Have Failed for 4,000 Years
The people of ancient Eshnunna can be forgiven for not understanding why price controls are harmful. Today’s policymakers, who have the benefit of history and economics, have no excuse.
Jon Miltimore | September 13, 2022
What ‘Demolition Man’ Has Gotten Right—so Far
The 1993 film Demolition Man predicted some parts of the 21st century—and reminds us there are many shades of dystopia.
Jon Miltimore | August 16, 2022
Netflix Delivers Salvo for Free Expression With 9 Little Words
The company told employees: ‘Netflix may not be the best place for you’
Jon Miltimore | May 17, 2022
The Government Poisoned Americans During Prohibition
During the Prohibition Era, the federal poisoning program killed at least 10,000 people, according to some estimates. Yet the “chemist’s war of Prohibition” is all but forgotten today. Why?
Jon Miltimore | April 8, 2022
Sweden Now Has One of the Lowest COVID Mortality Rates in Europe
Sweden, which avoided strict lockdowns, now has a lower COVID mortality rate than 29 countries in Europe alone
Jon Miltimore | March 29, 2022
There’s Nothing Scientific About Censorship
Al Gore’s 2009 warning on vanishing polar ice and the perils of censoring ‘misinformation’
Jon Miltimore | March 22, 2022