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Scott Beyer is the owner of the Market Urbanism Report, a media company that advances free-market city policy. He is also an urban affairs journalist who writes regular columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine,, and Catalyst. Follow him on Twitter: @marketurbanist.
The Urban Riots Resulted From Poor Local Leadership
A good protest was undermined by the unwillingness of mayors and governors to stop violence
Scott Beyer | June 5, 2020
Why the Shutdown in America Must End
The shutdown exacts great costs on our economy and liberty but hasn’t proven effective
Scott Beyer | May 28, 2020
Private Cities Are a Needed Experiment
They are an opportunity to restore personal and economic freedom in ways that normal cities do not
Scott Beyer | May 20, 2020
Elon Musk Might Move Tesla From California
California has an anti-business and anti-people policy regime
Scott Beyer | May 14, 2020
Zoning Can Not Be Replaced by Deed Restrictions
City-sanctioned deeds are considered a market-oriented alternative to zoning but they have similar, if worse problems
Scott Beyer | May 6, 2020
What Virginia’s I-81 Says About the Future of U.S. Freight
Decisions made on the key stretch of interstate could, for better or worse, foretell how goods are moved elsewhere
Scott Beyer | April 29, 2020
The State of U.S. Trucking: a Q&A with Rachel Premack
I spoke with the Business Insider reporter on how trucking is affected by federal policy, technology, coronavirus and more.
Scott Beyer | April 22, 2020
Towards a Free-Market for Curb Space
If city governments auction out usage of their curbs, it would create far better private transit.
Scott Beyer | April 14, 2020
Could Skateboarding Become a Valid Transport Option?
College campuses, and to a lesser degree, cities, could make way for this growing micro-mobility form
Scott Beyer | April 9, 2020
How the U.S. Government Destroyed Black Neighborhoods
Post-World War II Urban Renewal Replaced Thriving Black Hubs with Highways and Public Housing.
Scott Beyer | April 2, 2020