Archive: Craig Eyermann

President Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation Scheme
Nobody needs a college degree to recognize President Biden's student loan cancellation scheme is a very bad fiscal policy.
Craig Eyermann | September 22, 2022
COVID-19 and the US Budget Deficit
A statement from the US Treasury shows just how fiscally irresponsible the pandemic response has been
Craig Eyermann | October 27, 2020
George Floyd, Qualified Immunity, and Justice
Looking through the fog of politics for solutions to police brutality
Craig Eyermann | June 8, 2020
Fighting Coronavirus by Breaking the Chains of Needless Regulation
Many regulations simply exist to be in the way, failing to produce any positive outcome.
Craig Eyermann | March 24, 2020
How Costly Are Your State’s Regulations?
The Mercatus Center’s RegData project quantifies rules and regulations down to the state level.
Craig Eyermann | December 3, 2019
Airport’s Ban on Plastic Water Bottles a Flight of Fancy
Environmental Research suggests that over 90 percent of all the plastic waste in the ocean flows into it from just 10 rivers, none of them in the United States.
Craig Eyermann | August 29, 2019
Blame California’s Housing Shortage on Dubious Regulations
California's housing shortage is a political choice, just as are many of its other problems.
Craig Eyermann | August 24, 2019