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Healthcare Sharing Ministries Are a Godsend to More than a Million Patients
HCSMs are far from perfect, but they at least afford patients some incentive to shop around while delivering large, overall premium savings.
Ross Marchand
When Government Extorts Business
Public Officials Often View Businesses as Piggy Banks that Can Be Hit Up for Any Goodie. But that Just Drives Them Away.
The more governments force businesses to solve wider public problems, the more they’ll drive them out.
Scott Beyer
Schools Shouldn’t Need School-Supply Santas
With so much funding already allocated to school supplies, officials should open their books before opening up their wallets.
Vicki Alger
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Shunned by a failed relationship of his own doing, Gov embarks on a new, more ambitious mission to “help” an entire group of early careerists seeking to establish themselves. This time, Gov works hilariously to create and manipulate a crisis to entrap and control people and ensure their dependency. Will “Gov”’s intrusive scheming last and doom people to uncertain and desperate lives? Can an entire community see through Gov’s folly and set a new course for success?