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Are More Vaping Bans Coming Soon? Let’s Hope Not!
To truly “prioritize children, family, and the public health,” we should consider telling the FDA to stop regulating e-cigarettes cold turkey.
Raymond J. March
Tariffs on European Booze Will Hurt American Consumers
Whether you are talking about steel, cherries tires, shrimp, sugar, or fancy wine and cheese, the principles remain the same.
Art Carden
New Year, Same Small Business Optimism
What hasn’t changed in 2020 is the optimism of the small business community.
Luka Ladan
Season 1 & Season 2 now available!

Shunned by a failed relationship of his own doing, Gov embarks on a new, more ambitious mission to “help” an entire group of early careerists seeking to establish themselves. This time, Gov works hilariously to create and manipulate a crisis to entrap and control people and ensure their dependency. Will “Gov”’s intrusive scheming last and doom people to uncertain and desperate lives? Can an entire community see through Gov’s folly and set a new course for success?