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Has Great Higher Education Reached Middle America?
Many people are literally close to a thousand miles away from one of the top institutions.
Richard Vedder | December 27, 2019
There Is No Pie: The Fallacy of Zero-Sum Economic Thinking
Since the 1960s, all quintiles of American income-earners have seen their real income rise over time.
Luka Ladan | December 26, 2019
Why the New York MTA Should Use Proof-of-Payment
Robust fare Enforcement at Gates May Not Be as Effective as a Transaction-Free “Honor System.”
It is a reform that would make the NY MTA’s trains and buses faster and more convenient.
Scott Beyer | December 25, 2019
Walking the Line: Free Speech and Ending Anti-Semitism
While noble in intention, the order poses some serious concerns for defenders of free speech.
Kristiana Bolzman | December 24, 2019
Congress Must Axe Christmas Tree Tax
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been having a field day regulating any and all festive lights under Santa’s sleigh.
Ross Marchand | December 23, 2019
President Trump and the Popularity of Socialism
The president’s anti-capitalist policies are too easily perceived as a part of capitalism.
Randall G. Holcombe | December 21, 2019
Only Markets Can Alleviate Drug Shortages
The most onerous barriers to alleviating drug shortages are regulations.
Raymond J. March | December 20, 2019
Those Shaming Amazon about Bangladeshi Factories Should Be Ashamed of Themselves
In reality, these jobs provide millions of Bangladeshis the opportunity to escape extreme poverty.
Benjamin Powell | December 19, 2019
How Houston Is Becoming America’s Next Dense City
More Than “Just Sprawl,” Houston’s Lighter Land-Use Regulations Are Helping it Grow Up
The city's affordability can be tied to both Houston’s density and sprawl.
Scott Beyer | December 18, 2019
Should States Subsidize Universities?
Evidence suggests that governmental support of schools is not critical to having an educated population.
Richard Vedder | December 17, 2019