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So the President Has a Housing Task Force, but What Can the Feds Really Do?
Even though state and local governments will always play the central role in housing policy, the executive branch does have tools at its disposal.
Nick Zaiac | July 12, 2019
Betsy DeVos Is Right about Gainful Employment
There were a fair number of “bad actors” in for-profit higher education, but the same thing can be said of many public universities, which were exempt from such regulation.
Richard Vedder | July 11, 2019
Language-Based Disability Criteria Has No Place in Modern, Pluralistic America
Policymakers should scrap language considerations from the disability “grid” and reserve disability dollars for Americans that truly need them.
Ross Marchand | July 10, 2019
Are U.S. Cities Fiscally Insolvent?
Some Municipal Balance Sheets Raise Concerns, but Most Cities Are Okay.
Fiscal insolvency is a problem in specific cities, for specific reasons, and for which there are specific solutions, starting with pension reform.
Scott Beyer | July 9, 2019
Democratic Socialism Newspeak
A national debate would be more productive if both Sanders and his critics were clearer on the definition of socialism.
Benjamin Powell | July 8, 2019
San Francisco’s Vaping Ban Is Doomed To Go Up in Smoke
Government efforts to regulate away vices can also motivate more dangerous or unhealthy behaviors.
Raymond J. March | July 6, 2019
Apollo 11 Highlights Human Capacity for Technical Achievement
Most viewers are likely to benefit most by viewing the documentary Apollo 11 for what it is: a tribute to human sacrifice, ingenuity, and technical achievement.
Samuel R. Staley | July 5, 2019
If Student Loans Might Be Canceled, Why Not Borrow More?
Student debt cancellation is already suspect because it redistributes wealth upward. It also changes people’s incentives for the worse.
Art Carden | July 4, 2019
To Rent or to Buy?
Advice For Millennials, From a Millennial
Millennials are renting for longer periods of time in expensive markets, but many are asking themselves: Should I keep renting or buy a home?
Luka Ladan | July 3, 2019
Right-to-Try Legislation Helps Patient Battling Bone Cancer
After receiving access to experimental treatments, Natalie’s condition improved substantially.
Raymond J. March | July 2, 2019